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Ghana District Council 41

DIOCESAN  Bishop Gary Harper


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Bishop Harper was assigned to the Ghana Africa district in 2011. Upon his return
from Ghana being installed as its new diocesan, he reflected on how he could best
help the 100 churches in that region from his home state, more than 5600 miles
away. He devised a plan to accomplish the work.

Bishop Harper approached his resident diocesan and identified pastors who were in
emeritus status and asked if they could be released to serve in the Ghana Council.
Bishop Harper outlined his five principal goals to what would be called, Ghana
District-USA: 1) Create ways to teach and provide training to pastors in Ghana. 2)
Ensure the council operates according to P.A.W. law and 
how they should operate
in his absence. 
3) Organize and create a structure for council services. 
4) Set up
council rules and 
guidelines to help them govern their own council. 5) Establish
council dues and registration fees according to their culture.
To help strengthen the council’s foundation, Bishop Harper created four council
sessions, two that will be held in the states and two in Ghana each year. The
meetings would help to provide support for leaders, pastors, and district elders
attending the council sessions; offer training to pastors to show how to get their
own people to the council sessions; create programs here that can be modified and
presented there; and provide lodging and food for leaders in Ghana attending the
council session.
Bishop Harper’s church, Greater Grace Temple-Taylor, along with financial support
from the Ghana District-USA board, sends hundreds of dollars monthly to Ghana. In
addition, the two council services held stateside create opportunity to raise
additional monies at their meetings, which are used to offset costs for projects in
Ghana. The nine-member Ghana-USA board has already approved several thousands
of dollars going to Ghana to help finish work. Current projects include: finishing the
roof on the Children’s Ministry Building and adding windows and doors on the
Ghana Mother Church Greater Grace Temple (pictures included). Bishop Harper
also ensures Ghana council pastors’ P.A.W. ministerial licenses are kept current by
paying their fees.
Bishop Gary, Lady Pamela Harper and a group of twenty saints plan to go to Ghana,
West Africa September 11-18, 2017. The first combined council service will be held
Sunday evening. We are expecting an outpouring of the Holy Ghost as never before
as east, west, north and south get together to

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