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Mexico District Council 57

   DIOCESAN Bishop Leroy Horne


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Bishop Horne  is working to make an impact in this region . 

Culture is a significant part of the economy in both Baja California and Baja Sur. Large scale modern farming techniques are used in what is referred to as 'the Valley' near Cd Constitucion. Large scale greenhouse farming can be found from Ensenada to San Quintin, Vizcaino and Todos Santos, wine is produced along the coastal areas near Ensenada.

In Baja California Sur tourism makes up a significant portion of the economy. Resort real estate were exploding through 2008, when the banking crisis put the breaks on foreign loans. Los Cabos offers luxury resorts and a wide variety of travel adventures. Tourism in La Paz is just developing with a focus on eco-travel in the Sea of Cortez. Loreto is another focus of local development investment by the government although the region has been slow to catch on..

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