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Nigeria Eastern

District Council -33


Samuel Nice Nkanang

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Bishop Samuel Nice Nkanang was installed as Diocesan Bishop of Nigeria eastern  in 2015 his hard work and leadership continues to advance the Nigeria Eastern District council.  The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW), is making progress sharing the message of Christ and the death burial and Resurrection 

About :

The Eastern region of Nigeria was geographically located in Southeastern Nigeria.[3] It is bordered by the Niger river in the West and has an administrative and cultural border with the Northern region of Nigeria to the north.

With a population of over 45 million and a rapidly urbanizing population, 72% of whom are under 30,

The eastern boundary lies between the border of Nigeria and Cameroon and the southern coast is along the Gulf of Guinea. The total surface area of the region was approximately 76,000 square kilometres (29,400 sq mi).

Please continue to pray for this region.

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